Monday, March 21, 2016

The storming of Königsberg by Austrian Army

Title: Die Erstürmung des Königsberges bei Oberselk durch das k.u.k. 18. Jägerbataillon am 3. Februar 1864 (The storming of Königsberg in Oberselk by Austrian 18th Infantry Battalion on 3 February 1864)
Artist: Siegmund L'Allemand
Date: 1864

This impressive canvas was painted by Siegmund L'Allemand (8 March 1840 - 24 December 1910), a notable Austrian artist. Born in Vienna in 1840, L'Allemand had his first painting lessons from his uncle Fritz L'Allemand. He later studied under Ruben and Karl Blaas and eventually in 1883 he succeeded them as professor of the Viennese Academy.From 1883 Siegmund L'Allemand served as a professor, and later the head of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. An interesting footnote is that he chaired the admissions committee that in 1907 rejected admission to a young aspiring art student named Adolf Hitler!

Source :'Allemand_Die_Erst%C3%BCrmung_des_K%C3%B6nigsberges_bei_Oberselk_1864.jpg

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