Friday, February 12, 2016

The Second of May 1808 (The Charge of the Mamelukes)

Title: El 2 de mayo de 1808 en Madrid (The Second of May 1808 in Madrid)
Artist: Francisco Goya
Date: 1814

After Spanish Prime Minister Manuel Godoy allowed the French Invasion of Spain, the Spanish people revolted against the French on the second of May in 1808. On display from the Museo del Prado, Francisco Goya depicts the Spanish uprising in his Second of May, 1808 (1814). The scene is very chaotic, depicting what the uprising must have been like when the unarmed and untrained Spanish people started attacking the Turkish soldiers of the French army. The scene is very bleak however the Turkish soldiers have looks of surprise and bewilderment. The Spanish people have looks of determination and outrage that the French have come into Spain. The Turkish soldiers serve as a familiar scene of Spanish Christians fighting against Muslims. The Turkish soldiers evokes feelings of hatred and distrust which were common emotions Spanish people felt about Muslims as well as any other invaders to Spanish territory. Because of Godoy as well as the monarchs of Spain allowing the French Invasion it was up to the Spanish people to rise in power to try to overthrow their invaders. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful and the War of Independence would last for four years. Due to lack of judgement as well as the misuse of political power, the most powerful people in Spain had drag its country and its people through many hardships.

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